1. At the heart

    1. Central role for satellite
      in success of the race

      Our services make it happen, from relaying the action from the middle of the ocean to tracking the yachts and keeping them safe.

  2. Race coverage

    1. Read Mark's race blog for
      unrivalled analysis

      Volvo veteran and now Inmarsat race correspondent Mark Covell brings you expert commentary on the race. Read his blog and follow him on Twitter.

  3. Media crew

    1. Specialist team members
      compete for best content

      It's the media crew members (MCMs) who shoot the video and photos that bring the race to life for billions of fans. We showcase their work.

  4. Technology

    1. Global network delivers
      mission-critical comms

      Our satellites enable Volvo Ocean Race HQ to track the boats - and keep the crews connected at all times. Find out about our suite of race-critical comms.