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HELP 24/7

Sailing around the world is a high-risk sport and injuries have to be expected. But when you are weeks away from land in a difficult environment even minor wounds can quickly become serious.

With medic-trained crew on board, many of the more common discomforts can be dealt with by means of a phone call or an emailed photo back to race HQ.

However, should a crew suffer a serious injury, onboard medics can have a live video conference via FleetBroadband 500, allowing on-shore doctors to assess injuries and conduct live consultations to talk through procedures.


Smooth operators

For all teams, maintaining constant contact between their shore-based team members and race HQ is crucial to smooth operations. If parts fail or are damaged, communicating what repairs or replacements are needed – by making a call, sending an email or transmitting video of the problem as soon as it happens – means everything can be organised and ready at the next stopover.

If a team needs to urgently repair a damaged hull or mast, often stopping at an unscheduled port is their only option. Communications between everyone onboard and ashore to work through the logistics involved is key to getting back on the water as soon as possible to complete the leg, or make the next leg start.



Keeping the competitors safe is the Volvo Ocean Race organisers’ top priority, but when you are away at sea for nine long, hard months, being able to check in with the loved ones you’ve left behind is hugely important too.

With FleetBroadband onboard, every crew member knows that their family and friends are just a phone call, email, or web chat away. Being able to say ‘Happy Birthday’, or simply unwind after a particularly tough watch, makes all the difference to team morale – especially in such challenging and cramped conditions.

“It never ceases to amaze me that we’re out here, thousands of miles from anywhere and yet we can get online or read emails, or get news and get in contact with people and make phone calls. It’s incredible, the technology behind it.”
Ian Walker, Skipper Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 2014-15

“It’s also very important for us to be able to share the adventure with everyone back home – people we know, but also all the fans, the people following us and that’s pretty special as well.”
Sam Davies, Skipper Team SCA 2014-15



The seven Volvo Ocean Race teams know that having the latest information at their fingertips can make the difference between victory and defeat on each leg.

With FleetBroadband onboard, teams have access to the latest weather reports and graphics, providing wind speed, wave height, sea temperature and barometric pressure, so they can plan how to get ahead of the pack – and stay out of the way of trouble.